Luggage Storage

Short Term: Early check-in or night bus departure, guests are welcome to store their luggage with us.
Long Term: Often Phnom Penh is a transit for many travelers. Guests can ask our front desk for temporary storage while they are traveling to other provinces.

Dormitory Locker Facts

During your many travels, whenever you are staying in a dormitory style room, it is good to bring extra padlock for both your locker and luggage. Here at our hostel, each guest is provided with a personal locker, a padlock, and a bed cabinet that can use padlock.

Don't be shy to ask for assistance

We know that guests are very considerate and won't bother us unless it's a very pressing issue, but do remember that we are always here to answer your question or assist you to our best capacity.

Simple Homemade food that you can order at Sla

To cater our guest's needs, we have been adding more and more food items to our menu. Here is a short list of things that you can order at Sla.

1) homemade yogurt
2) macaroni and cheese
3) khmer stir-fried egg noodle
4) museli and yogurt
5) fresh fruit juices and smoothies made from local market fruits and home grown mango and mints

Using Wifi

Our hostel was built to have wifi for the ground floor. However with many feedbacks from our guests, we have added wifi extensions to the front and back building. Our wifi routers are:

  1. Sla Boutique Hostel
  2. Sla Hostel
  3. SLA Hostel Front
  4. SLA Hostel Back

All four wifi routers share the same password. Upon check-in, please ask our front desk for one.

During your stay, if you have any trouble connecting or using our wifi, please do not hesitate to contact our front desk for assistance.

English Language

Please kindly remember that English is a second language to our staff. We appreciate your patience and understanding. If you have any difficulties with communications, you can always contact Sla Management at

How to get to Sla Boutique Hostel from Bus Stations in Phnom Penh

How to get to Sla Boutique Hostel from Airport

Find the nearest postal service

A list of shops and businesses that supports a good cause

Khmer restaurants recommended by us

Nearby ATM

How to get to Sla Nearby Pharmacies

How to get to Sla Nearby Minimart and Supermarket

How to get to Sla Nearby Health Clinics

Safety & Security

Our neighborhood and hostel is safe, but like any major city you want to be careful of your surroundings. Be very careful when carrying a purse or when using a smart cell phone such as the iphone or samsung.

In the hostel, please make sure that your valuables are always locked up, even if you are only downstairs.

Questions or Concerns

We hope that you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay here at Sla and in Phnom Penh. Please let us know if you have any issues, questions or concerns, and we will do our best to help you.