Sla Bar is located on the ground floor of the hostel. Our bar is a perfect meeting area serving a variety of local fruit juices, a selection of great basic mixed drinks and more. Our signature drinks infused with fresh passion fruit and brown sugar were created to introduce Khmer flavors to our guests. In addition to these signature drinks, our bar also offers a variety of delicious cocktails from around the world such as mojitos, long island iced tea, margaritas, and martini.


  1. Baileys Whip
  2. Blue Margaritas
  3. Mojito
  4. Tequila Sunrise
  5. Long Island Iced Tea
  6. Malibu Pineapple


  1. Angkor Beer (Bottle & Can)
  2. Cambodia Beer (Bottle & Can)
  3. Lao Beer (Can)
  4. Leo Beer (Can)


Service daily from 07:00 am to 11:00am.

B01) Omelete
B02) Bacon with Tomato & Eggs
B03) Eggs with Tomato
B04) Eggs with Tomato & Toast
B05) Pancakes
B06) Pancake with Bacon & Egg
B07) Two Slices of Toast
B08) Stir Fried Egg Noodle
B09) Muesli with Yogurt
B10) Mixed Fruit
B11) Homemade Yoghurt
B12) Macaroni & Cheese


Service daily from 11:00 am to 08:00pm.

F01) Fried Rice Beef / Seafood
F02) Fried Rice Pork / Chicken
F03) Tom Yum Chicken/ Seafood
F04) Amok Fish / Chicken
F05) Fish Fritter & Fries
F06) Beef Lok Lak
F07) Chicken Salad
F08) Sweet & Sour Chicken / Seafood / Fish
F09) Stir Fried Vegetable
F10) French Fries


Service daily from 07:00 am to 08:00pm.

D01) Passion Smoothie
D02) Apple Juice
D03) Orange Juice
D04) Pineapple Juice
D05) Carrot Juice
D06) Banana Smoothie
D07) Guava Juice
D08) Watermelon Juice
D09) Lime & Mint Juice