ATM around Sla Boutique Hostel

Many travelers who visit Phnom Penh may not aware that United States Dollars are widely accept through out the country.

  • 1 USD = 4,000 Khmer Riel
  • 1 coke coca cola = 2,000 Khmer Riel
  • 1 noodle soup on the street = 4000 to 8o00 Khmer Riel
  • Many ATMs in Phnom Penh will only withdraw USD dollars.  A few ATMs will withdraw in Khmer Riel.
  • If withdrawing more than 100 USD, the ATM machine will give you mainly 100 USD.  This can be quiet cumbersome because many street vendors will not be able to exchange a 100 USD bill to smaller bills.
  • If you are carrying old bills, many shops might not accept them.






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