Remork Transportation Price List

Many guests ask us about the remork (tuk tuk) price to go to various places in Phnom Penh, so now we have compiled a list of destination from our hostel that we have negotiated with the remork drivers on our street the prices that they will charge in 2014.

If guests are traveling via bus from the provinces or Bangkok City or Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Penh, please email our front desk (info@slahostel) to make a courtesy request to the tuk tuk drivers if it is possible to provide a free pick up from bus station.  Usually the tuk tuk driver will generously offer free pick up if (1) the bus station is in close proximity to our hostel, (2) the arrival time is before 4pm, and (3) the waiting time is not beyond 1 hour. If the bus is delayed and the waiting is beyond 1 hour, the guest should assume that the tuk tuk driver has already left his post and the guest should hire a new tuk tuk upon arrival to come to the hostel.  But since they are not our employee and do not get any payment from us for the pick up, this free service is an act of kindness from these tuk tuk drivers .


Please note that the price may subject to change during public holiday and special events.