ATM around Sla Boutique Hostel

Many travelers who visit Phnom Penh may not aware that United States Dollars are widely accept through out the country. 1 USD = 4,000 Khmer Riel 1 coke coca cola = 2,000 Khmer Riel 1 noodle soup on the street = 4000 to 8o00 Khmer Riel Many ATMs in Phnom Penh will only withdraw USD dollars.  A few ATMs will withdraw in Khmer Riel. If withdrawing more than 100 USD, the ATM machine will give you mainly 100 USD.  This can be quiet cumbersome because many street vendors will not be able to exchange a 100 USD bill to smaller…

Bus Stations in Phnom Penh & Direction to Sla Boutique Hostel

Giant Ibis Bus Station (Phnom Penh): Preah Mohaksat Treiyani Kossamak, Phnom Penh   Phnom Penh Sorya Bus Station (Phnom Penh): Total Station, Central Market   Mekong Express Bus Station (Phnom Penh): National Highway 5, Phnom Penh   Kumho Samco Bus (Phnom Penh): No. 313, Preah Sihanouk Blvd (274), 12253    

Remork Transportation Price List

Many guests ask us about the remork (tuk tuk) price to go to various places in Phnom Penh, so now we have compiled a list of destination from our hostel that we have negotiated with the remork drivers on our street the prices that they will charge in 2014. If guests are traveling via bus from the provinces or Bangkok City or Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Penh, please email our front desk (info@slahostel) to make a courtesy request to the tuk tuk drivers if it is possible to provide a free pick up from bus station.  Usually the…

Taking the bus to the province from Phnom Penh

A number of bus operators in Phnom Penh are now offering multiple departure times to many destinations in Cambodia and nearby countries.  Favorite destinations are Siem Reap, Sihanoukville, Battambang, Ho Chi Minh City, and Bangkok. Below is the time table for Giant Ibis bus operator.   Below is the time table for Phnom Penh Sorya (168) bus operator. Note that the price and time are subject to change after this publication. Please contact for further update.

How to get to Sla Boutique Hostel from airport

Sla is situated in between Preah Sisowath Highschool and Golden Sorya Mall area.  Getting here from the airport is very simple. We will detail the direction below. 1) from the airport, take Russian Boulevard toward the city until Norodom Boulevard. 2) At the intersection of Russian Blvd and Norodom Blvd, make a right onto Norodom Blvd. 3) Travel South down Norodom Blvd toward Independence Monument. 4) Street 174 (Street Okhna Ket) will be on your right hand side. 5) Make a right onto Street 174.  Our hostel is house number #15, which is only a few meters from the corner…

Happy Hour at Sla Bar

Sla Boutique Hostel is now offering happy hour at our Sla Bar.   Every Thursday, Friday and Saturday, we have happy hour promotion from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm on the following: $2.50 cocktails $1.25 Beer Lao (bottle) $0.75 Beer Lao (can) $1.00 Angkor Beer (bottle) $0.60 Angkor Beer (can)

Our Uniquenesses

Our ideals We at Sla take pride in our cleanliness. Every staff from management to housekeeping takes a meticulous approach to inspecting our facilities in order to meet our high sanitation and hygiene standards. Traveling away from home can be a scary experience; therefore it is so important that our guest receives our warmest hospitality. It is Sla’s mission to ensure our guests a comfortable and enjoyable stay. We believe that finding the perfect accommodation is an essential element in one’s travel plans, and often the best choice comes with a big price tag. With this belief in mind, Sla…

Welcome to Sla Boutique Hostel

Sla Boutique Hostel is a modern hostel nestled conveniently in the center of Phnom Penh city that offers travelers a place to unwind and meet people in a community environment that is clean, friendly, and affordable. Although our street is nice and quiet, it’s just one block away from a vibrant neighborhood filled with restaurants, clubs, street food vendors, and bars. It is also close to the city’s major attractions. What is Sla ? “Sla” is the Khmer word for the “areca catechu” or “areca betal palm.” In Cambodia, sla flowers are often used in wedding ceremonies to signify the…

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