Help Sla Hostel in Phnom Penh survives Covid19

Hello friends and fellow travelers,

Our hostel has been opened since 2014, by a local Cambodian owner with the help of families and friends.  Since our operations started in 2014, we have welcomed many travelers from all across the continents — families, solo travelers, student volunteers, disabled friends, elderly to infants and so much more.  With many years of support from our guests, our team has grown professionally and gained vast experiences.  Some of our team have transformed from high school interns to team leaders, to managers, and even moved on to high-standard five-star international hotels.



In 2020, when the world was hit the covid19, our hostel also likes many businesses have suffered but our owner and management team have fought every angle to keep this place open for our remaining guests and staff.  We have already reduced and delayed costs. Now we need your help to keep us survive for the next couple more months until the global vaccination gets better and the people are flying again



During this extremely difficult time, we had to pause our many guest free activities such as cooking class night, Khmer dessert and snack night, movie night, and Friday social night.  We had shifted our free time to training our staff on online virtual classes, cleanliness and sanitation preparation on covid, emotional readiness on covid.


We strongly believe that with the support from friends, families, loyal guests, and international communities like you, we can survive this crisis.

Thank you in advance for reading our story. Thanks to your help, we might be able to continue to host many more travelers in the near future!


Thank you so much!!!



Please use the gofundme link below to make your donation to support our hostel.

Thank you.