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Hello friends and fellow travelers, Our hostel has been opened since 2014, by a local Cambodian owner with the help of families and friends.  Since our operations started in 2014, we have welcomed many travelers from all across the continents — families, solo travelers, student volunteers, disabled friends, elderly to infants and so much more.  With many years of support from our guests, our team has grown professionally and gained vast experiences.  Some of our team have transformed from high school interns to team leaders, to managers, and even moved on to high-standard five-star international hotels.   In 2020, when the…

A list of our recommended activities

SLA_Activities_Place_V2 copy Meditation at Wat Langka Opens on Monday, Thursday, Saturday, from 6.00pm til 7.00pm and on Sunday from 8:30am til 9:30am. Session is the main temple building (Vihara). Please wear loose comfortable clothing, to cover upper arms and legs. Ferry to Areyksat Is near Wat Phnom and next to Imperial Garden Villa, opens between 4.00am and 9.00 pm every day.Fare to Arayksat, 500 riel (0.15$) per person, motorcycle 700 riel (0.20$),car 10,000 riel (2.5$). Boat for Hire Is an excellent way to get away from the busy and noisy streets of Phnom Penh and just enjoy a relaxing afternoon…

Wat Langka and Buddhist Meditation

One of the great things about this city is the meditation session provided by the monks at Wat Langka pagoda.  Below is their hours of operations. Monday, Thursday and Saturday: 6:00pm til 7:00pm Sunday: 8:30am til 9:30am The session is being held at the upstairs floor of the main temple building or Vihara.  Everyone are invited. Please wear loose comfortable clothing, to cover upper arms and legs and to facilitate sitting on cushions on the floor.

Shops and Businesses that Support a Good Cause

A.N.D Boutique # 52C, Street 240, (opposite 240 Hotel), Phnom PenhTel: +(855)(0)23-224713 Artisans of Silver Started as a social initiative to provide job opportunities for young artisans. Offering high-quality silver jewelry in exquisite designs including a beautiful evening collection.Available at Ambre II, Elsewhere, Le Marais @AEON Mall, The Plantation, The Pavilion and Villa Langka., Phnom PenhTel: 023-6604747    Cambodian Creation Aiming to generate income for at-risk Cambodians by providing sustainable employment based on fair trade principals. Jewelry, handicrafts and knitted toys as well as knitting, jewelry and handicraft classes. #116 Street 113 (opposite Toul Sleng Museum), Phnom Penh  Tel: +(855)(0)23-6317914…

Khmer restaurants recommended by Sla Boutique Hostel

1) Romdeng restaurant A training restaurant, Romdeng, run by Mith Samlanh, which has worked to build the futures of former street children and marginalized young people in Phnom Penh since 1994. Set in a beautiful colonial building, Romdeng serves a great variety of Cambodian food ranging from almost forgotten recipes from the provinces to contemporary creative Cambodian cuisine. 2) Khmer Surin restaurant The restaurant is an oasis in the city with its lush tropical plants, flowers and water garden. The restaurant is set in an old Khmer style building adorned with Cambodian antique furniture and silk.  The restaurant serves a wide…

New Happy Hour Promotion

Hi Everyone, Sla Bar will now have new happy hour schedule. Happy Hour promotion daily from 11:00 am until 7:00 pm on the following: $2.50 cocktails $1.25 Beer Lao (bottle) $0.75 Beer Lao (can) $1.00 Angkor Beer (bottle) $0.60 Angkor Beer (can) Our mojito special is $2.00 starting from 11:00 am until 11:00 pm daily.

Health Clinics nearby Sla Boutique Hostel

Naga Clinic 023 211 300,104.92518,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0xdb1c1094a7ea001c SOS Clinic 012 816 911,104.925003,15z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x8e29df07f0b088ec   IOM – Medical Unit of International Organization for Migration 023 216 532

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